We work alongside Mississippi Food Network to provide weekend meals to children in need.  Every Thursday, we gather food to send home with these students on Friday, to ensure that they have enough to eat until they return to school on Monday.  We also provide these students and their siblings with Christmas gifts.

Child Assistance 

Through our child assistance program, we work with our local schools to provide under-served students new school uniforms.  Each student in need receives brand new uniforms and accessories, including socks and underwear.  Uniform requests from counselors are filled the exact same day, often within an hour.

Cotton District Arts Festival

Starkville JA is the proud sponsor of the CDAF Arts Village. Arts Village is a FREE event at the CDAF which provides children the opportunity to make crafts and learn about creative art techniques. Children are able to take all of their crafts home with them to share with their families after the event.

Crown Club

This project supports young women as they develop leadership and character, and is open to girls in grades 9th-12th with a minimum GPA.  The program promotes service to children in our community alongside current JA members through various projects.  All members must meet annual requirements to remain in good standing and receive community service hours.  Crown Club girls do an annual finance project (Princess Tea Party), and donate proceeds to a local organization, and a scholarship for a senior girl in Crown Club. Follow them on Instagram at @starkvillecrownclub.

Reading Railroad

Reading Railroad is a free event for area elementary children providing activities and programming to support literacy. At the event, children make crafts, spend time reading with MSU athletes, have a snack, and are given a book to take home.

Safety Town

Safety Town increases local children’s awareness of safety issues through the use of a miniature safety village and assorted demonstrations for area kindergarten classes. Also helps to protect local children by recording fingerprints for identification purposes.  This is our chapter’s oldest running project.

Stuff the Bus

Before the start of each school year, we have a school supply drive to provide brand new school supplies to children in need.  These are delivered to all of our local schools, depending on their needs and requests.

T.K. Martin

Members assist teachers in providing enrichment activities for the children who have a physical or learning disability. In 2015, JA Starkville created an endowment for the T.K. Martin Center and continues to actively fundraise to support them financially in addition to the monthly activities.